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This monsters you receive for gratis early on are a hearth hellhound, a water fairy, a wind vagabond, the light source elven ranger, a rays garuda, and a hot water magic knight. The regular magic knight Lapis is the most powerful along with useful of these. have receive her, she need to be the main one that your core mindset is using. Be careful relevant to getting rid of some rest, however. Besides the hearth hellhound Sieq, these creatures are somewhat rare, and should hold onto people today even if you do not plan on using themselves right away.

Early on, the wetness fairy Elucia, and Sieq will be your central monsters. They are beauteous strong, and are most elementary to level early because you start with them. While in fact, despite being simple to obtain, Sieq is one of the several stronger natural units, in fact it is a fine addition to your team. Along with majority of these six, you will even receive a few things as first time job rewards. Notable ones are often the water garuda Konamiya, unquestionably the wind pixie Shannon, along with the wind griffon Bernard.

All three of most of these make excellents supports for all your party, and are best for anyone looking to take the place of their initial water fairy. An important thing to get noticable about these early creatures is that it will be better to focus when maxing a few at the outset of the game, rather than just trying to level away multiple to use. As you ll have on to level weak monsters in evolution, and this get a really long time, so if you actu doing it for a giant cast of monsters as opposed to you ll end along wasting a lot of your.

We suggest sticking because of four early monsters drinking water magic knight Lapis, the sunshine garuda Teon the fires hellhound Sieq, and usually the wind griffon Bernard. Summoners War Also be certain to keep at least considered one of each monsters with generally fusion simple a teal circle under their picture. Each of those will be useful later. Message boards . both PVP and PVE Summoners War You lmost all notice different rewards provided by whether you fight when it comes to or replaying the experience missions.